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It's been a pleasure developing software for Kingdom Halls worldwide. CSS (Congregation Sound System), started in 2009, replacing CD players and adding MP3 recording. Throughout the years, functions were added to unify all functions on a single application (video recording, streaming, timer...). 

At his peak in 2016, CSS was installed on more than 10,000 kingdom halls, 45 countries and available in 17 languages.

The software was also available for multiple platforms. Alternative apps were developed for different settings (Assembly Halls, Conventions and others).

With the addition of audio and video playback to JW Library, a main component of CSS was no longer needed and with more new features coming to JW Library, it was decided to discontinue CSS.

What can I do now?

We recommend upgrading to the latest Windows 10 version and downloading JW Library. For now, you will have audio and video playback, images, publications and the year text.

It is expected that JW Library includes convention multimedia and other tools needed for our worship.

For stream service, we recommend Free Conference Call. It's a free phone or audio+video streamer. All you need is to create an account on and download the App to start streaming (up to 999 listeners).

For recording, you can simply use the Windows Voice Recorder or a similar tool like Audacity.

Who developed and what's next?

CSS was developed by a brother in Portugal and with time, other brothers from around the world helped with develpoment, design and translation.

Now, completely different projects are being developed. One of them is "Board": We will keep this website with suggestions of other useful tools for Jehovah's Witnesses.

CSS Cloud and online services will only be available until December 2017.
A great THANK YOU for all that helped developing this project! 
Please continue on your love for Jehovah and our brotherhood.

With love,
CSS Development Team